Fabulous Davie Estate Contents – RARE SCULPTURES | *ONLINE ONLY* May-13

Online Auction Starts @ 3:00 pm


Over $1,000,000
of Highly Collectible Inventory Must be Sold

This is a unique collection of all the amazing and rare items collected throughout Thomas Lance Chase’s Life.
Some of the mosaics and paintings were created by himself.
This sale is being conducted on behalf of Thomas’s family whose life was tragically cut short at the early age of 37.
Therefore; we are honored to be auctioning off his legacy.
The Owner was also a Major Collector of Movie Props & Movies like "Clock Work Orange, The Shining, Taxie Driver, Back to the Future, and Much More...

Bronzes | Crystals | Jades | Marbles | Brass | Stones | Wood | Shells…