Sixth Star Entertainment & Events – PROPS | Tuesday, Aug-08

21 NW 5th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Auction @ 11:00 am   |   Preview @ 9:30 am
(Also Monday can Preview 10:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Moving Sale!!! Making Way for New Inventory!!!

•    Props 
o    Western- 1950s- 1980s and other decades- Nautical- Around the world- Pirates- Arabian nights- Broadway- Hollywood- Super Hero- Sports- Moulin Rouge- etc.

•      Oversized props
o    18’ Eiffel Tower-
o    Large Pirate Ship with Sails (also can be used as a bar)-
o    (3) Champagne Dresses-
o    (1) 16’ Blow Up Dress-
o    4’ x 6’ boom box-
o    4’ x 6’ cassette tape-
o    8’ & 10’ tall light-up and smoking cigars-
o    14’ tall theater marquee-
o    2 x Life guard chairs-
o    12’ Asian pagoda archway-
o    16’ long x 5’ wide modular sailing ship/pirate ship-
o    10 x 4’ x 8’ picture frames-
o    12’h Tiki Columns-
o    12’h Custom Asian Columns-
o    5’ Large Disco Ball with turner-
o    25’ Foam Guitars-
o    2 x Pirate Cannons- 2 x Pergolas-
o    Huppah-
o    12’ Spandex Palms-

•    Centerpieces
o    Vases- vessels- and containers-
o    crystal gel- tea lights-
o    catering supplies-
o    LED spinning bases-
o    LED Pucks-
o    LED sprays-
o    shells- mirrors- candles.

•    Arts & Crafts supplies
o    bulk containers of glitter-
o    colorful ribbon-
o    floral sheeting- –
o    paint-
o    paint supplies-
o    Foam sheeting- etc.

•    Inflatables
o    AIR DD types pressure inflatable props including horns- tubes-
o    1 giant football helmet tunnel-
o    15’ tall headphone entryway-
o    10’ football-

•    Theater Props and Staging
o    staging- flats- backdrops- environmental props- 25ft arches

•    Military surplus and camping
o    camouflage netting-
o    Mash Theme props and Decor

•    Food Vendor Equipment
o    popcorn machine-
o    snow cone machine-
o    cotton candy machine-

•    Holiday Themes
o    Christmas-
    Lush garland- oversized urns- 25 trees- 4 x sleighs- tons of decorations and lights- reindeer – animatronics reindeer- garland and trees- oversize wreaths   Christmas trees- garland- oversize wreaths- Santa thrones- ornaments
o    Halloween-
    coffins- flame simulators- Frankenstein’s lab- graveyards- stockades- wide selection of Animatronics
o    Valentine’s Day-
o    Mardi Gras-
o    Fourth of July-  –  –
o    Santa thrones- ornaments-
o    Halloween Animatronics

•    4’ x 8’ Custom Framed printed/Hand Painted Prints –
o    Theme Prints from all genres

•    Painted Flats
o    western- 1950s- 1960’s 1980s and other decades- old world quest- around the world- pirates- Arabian nights- nautical- Broadway- Hollywood- Super Hero- Sports- etc

•    Costumes
o    costumes including showgirl feather headdresses and backpacks- Broadway- vintage & retro- international- Latin- patriotic- super hero- costume jewelry- hats-  shoes- wigs- boas- exquisite sequined costumes and gowns- high end production show costumes

•    Furniture and Bars
o     Bars-
o    Bar backs
o    Piano Bar back
o    Gatsby bar back
o    furniture- chairs- end tables- kitchen tables-
o    rolling tables- King & Queen throne-
o    Devil chair-
o    park bench-
o    Highboys-
o    Custom Built Highboy Tables-
o    Tommy Bahama Couches and Chairs-
o    Conga Drum Highboy Tables- custom built
o    Cage Highboy Tables -custom built

•    Mannequins
o    Full body- torso- legs- arms- hands- assorted styles- French mannequins and custom costumes to accompany.

•    Flags
o    13.5’ x 25’ US Outdoor flag- 10’ x 15’ British Union Jack- huge Irish flag- various international flags- nautical flags

•    Novelty props
o    Zoltar booth-  bathtub- coustom built tri tiki torches-
o    Large Kentucky Derby Horse-
o    imitation rocks and boulders-
o    plexi ice props-
o    Box Wood Hedge Walls-
o    Large Marquees

•    Assorted decorative pieces
o    columns and balustrade-
o    pillars-
o    Greek Statues-
o    Golden Ram-
o    Wine Barrels

•    Complete Package Themes
o    Alice in Wonderland
o    Beach-
o    Asian-
o    60’s-70’s-80’s-
o    Steampunk–
o    Disco-
o    James Bond-
o    Nautical-
o    Hollywood-
o    Gatsby-
o    Morocco-
o    Motown-
o    Rock and Roll-
o    New York City-
o    …and MUCH MORE