Private Estate Collector – DECOR/ACCENTS | Sunday, Mar-18

230 Miramar Way, West Palm Beach FL 33405

Auction @ 12:00 pm   |   Preview @ 9:30 am

A Truly Magnificent Forthcoming Auction
An Exciting Eclectic Blend of Old & New.

Offering one of the Kind High Caliber Objects from
Prominent Families & Famous People & Places.

A Wonderful Selection of Extremely Talented
Painters and Sculptors.

Vases - Table Clocks - Candle Holders
and Loads of Decor & Accent Pieces...

William Eggleston, photography genius and pioneer
Charles Inzer, society portrait artist
Marjorie Liebman,  one of the great talents.
Dorothy Sturm, a master of enamel work.
John Mcintire, an undiscovered Rodin talent galore.
Burton Callicott, a true visionary.
Paul Edelstein, described as the next Picasso.
A master of color and abstract art.
Caroline Russell, the Italian Contessa whose gold, copper and silver leaf
creations could never be duplicated. Mesmerizing work.

Gilbert Stone, the artist who expressed the era of the 70s and Hollywood.
Nancy Cheairs, an artist who expresses luminous glowing color and gives
objects a personality.
Luther Hampton, one of the most brilliant African American sculptors.
Pure genius, Roy Tamboli, Sculptor extraordinaire.

Fine original works of historic importance .
Inherited pieces from a close family friendship with Countess
Raine Spencer, the woman made famous by her step daughter Princess
Diana who called her Acid Rain growing up and pushed her down the
stairs as Princess of Wales .  Many people benefited from her huge
controversial selling of Althrop treasures when she was married to
Diana’s father Earl Spencer.

Family pieces inherited from British expeditions to colonize the world.
The earl of Elgin’s travels and collections from the 1860s
have been treasured over the years.

Breathtaking Jadeite sculpture and other Jadeite and Nephrite pieces
which adorn the collection of Chinese artifacts along with Bronzes and
Porcelains of the 18th century.

A rare collection of African pieces that have been handed down
from other notable British colonists including Bronze plaques
and other sculptures.

Items offered in the  forthcoming auction include
items for every taste level and budget.
A 40 year old  art and antique collection will be sold
along with historic artifacts that would do a museum proud .
Metal works from famed architect Addison Mizner, items from El Mirasol,
Playa Riente.  Architectural elements from some of his masterpieces.

Hugh Hefner’s Gilbert stone paintings.
Gilbert was also featured in playboy magazine
as one of the brightest upcoming artists.

John Macintyre’s work is appreciated and has been acquired by a number
of sophisticated art buyers who recognize a great talent.
He has been recognized with large life size sculptures around southern cities.
Graceland the home of Elvis Presley and a friend of the late king
has a sculpture at Graceland in a garden there.

Ted Rust recently passed away.
He was a genius of proportion in the art of sculpture and design.
The life size sculpture of the past president Charles Diehl
in front of the burrow library is a testament to his skill and talent.
He was also the director of the Memphis college of art for many years.

Fine Crystal, Baccarat, Steuben Waterford, Lalique, Tiffany,
Orrefors, Kosta Boda and rare glass formations.
Limited Editions Of Blenko glass.
Signed Murano and other Venetian glass,
Bohemian Crystal, Val Saint Lambert,
Fine Antique Linens and Laces
Museum quality Chinese Jadite and Bronzes.

Museum quality African art objects.
“Many items have old appraisals”

Family pieces inherited from British expeditions to colonize the world.
The earl of Elgin’s travels and collections from the 1860s
have been treasured over the years.

Financing Available