J. Sugarman Auction’s Very Own – SCOTT GRASSO – IS GOING TO BE ON TV – Watch Scott and Some of Our Customers on A&E Reality Show Flip Wars | Airing Wednesday, Apr-11

Airing Time: 10:00 PM
on A&E Channel
(Check Your Guide)

A & E Reality Show Flip Wars

We want to let our
Buyers and Sellers
know that

Scott Grasso
J. Sugarman Auction Corp.

will be  on the New
A & E Reality Show Flip Wars
Airing The First Episode / Season Premiere on
Wednesday, April 11 at 10:00pm on A&E Channel

Scott  Grasso one of the
Finest Auctioneers (and our Favorite Auctioneer)

The Featured Auctioneer

in this new hit show.

Please watch as some of our customers
were also invited on set to participate
in this exciting show….

Click Here to Watch Short Preview 

Scott Grasso & Flip Wars

Watch Scott on Wednesday nights premiere episode of Flip Wars on A&E